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CBD Oil, Dabs, Vape Juice, Gel Caps, CBD Edibles, & Flavored CBD Oral Tinctures

100% Non-GMO100% Non-GMO

100% Non-GMO

Our products come from natural, heirloom seeds that have never been genetically modified – bringing you the best possible natural substance mother nature approves of.

100% Natural100% Natural

100% Natural

Industrial Hemp has natural pesticides which make the use of chemical based products unnecessary. You know you will always receive the best, most natural product from us, guaranteed.

100% Quality Tested100% Quality & Safety Tested

100% Quality & Safety Tested

The standard of our ^CBD is proven in the lab results. Every one of our ^CBD products undergoes rigorous testing through to ensure the highest quality, safety, and integrity.

Our Commitment

At A Hemp World, we believe the future of CBD extracted from the hemp plant is unlimited. Through innovation and the responsible application of science, we will enhance the health and well-being of our customers and communities. We are committed to pioneering the push for more high quality, hemp-derived CBD products and becoming the world’s leading supplier; through affordability and customer satisfaction.


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Building a Greener Future

A Hemp World is entirely focused on re-energizing the sale of agricultural hemp for the benefit of its CBD-rich oil, seed oil, protein powder, fiber and other constituents, while also promoting hemp’s viability for consumer goods.