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Is CBD Legal to Buy for Use?

Is Cannabidiol (CBD) Legal to Purchase for Use?

A very common question we get is… “is CBD legal?” The answer to this question is a tricky one, because CBD comes from two main forms of cannabis plants. Cannabidiol can come from either the widely known marijuana plant or from industrially grown hemp. Both are a type of the Cannabis plant, but are grown for different purposes, and each one has its own legal status.

To better understand if you can legally buy CBD in your country or state; let’s discuss the two types of Cannabidiol first.

Cannabidiol from Medical Marijuana

The first and most well-known form of Cannabidiol is from medical marijuana plants. These plants can be grown to be high in CBD but have varying amounts of the psychoactive compound THC. When consuming medical marijuana, it’s the THC that gives you that “high” feeling. Which is why they are sold strictly to licensed dispensaries and can only be prescribed by doctors in places where marijuana is regulated.

While medical marijuana is prescribed for the effects of the CBD for treatment of specific ailments, the THC content can vary in strength and even sometimes be as high a percentage as the CBD content. Medical marijuana comes in many types of strains and the percentages of CBD and THC can vary from strain to strain. Each strain can even have different tastes and effects.

One of the big issues with medical marijuana is that it’s not currently legal to buy and/or sell in most places. For example, in the United States you must be living within a state that either allows it to be prescribed by a doctor for medical use or has legalized it for recreational use.

Cannabidiol from Industrial Hemp

Cannabidiol oil that comes from the industrial hemp plants, are a different story when it comes to buying and consuming. The FDA considers hemp oil to be a dietary supplement since they are made from industrial hemp plants and do not cause any harmful effects.

Cannabidiol from industrial hemp also has the added benefit of having virtually no THC (less than 1% or none). That’s why it’s not possible to get “high” from CBD oil extracted from the hemp plant. So, all you get are the healing properties of the CBD without the high feeling you get with THC.

For those of you living in the US, this means you don’t need a doctor’s prescription and can legally purchase and consume Cannabidiol extracted from the industrial hemp plant in any state.

Is Cannabidiol Legal for Me?

If you live in the US, the legal status is clear. Cannabidiol made from industrial hemp is legal to purchase and consume in any state. However, if you obtain Cannabidiol from medical marijuana, you must reside in a state in which medical marijuana has been legalized.

Unfortunately, outside of the United States the legal status is more confusing. Since regulations can vary for country to country, we recommend that you reach out to your respective customs department for further information. Ask if you can import dietary supplements from the US. If they tell you that you’re allowed to do this, then you should be clear to buy and consume CBD products.

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